Why my husband & I spend time apart every year and how I cope.

This time of year is full of hope and looking forward; hope for the warmer weather; looking forward to the summer holidays and to the prospect of spending more time together taking day trips, lazing in the garden with a glass of something chilled or just watching a film in the afternoon.



“But why, Helen?” I hear you ask. “Why do you not spend all these extra daylight hours enjoying your husband’s company and taking trips out as a family?”



A few weekends ago was the first in the year that my life (and Chris’) has been dominated by golf. He normally plays a round (pppffft!) on a Saturday morning, I say morning – he usually gets home about 3pm, which is ok. It’s a moveable event. If we’ve nothing planned, he will go and play golf. At this time of year, however, the competitions kick in and I’ll be lucky if I see him on a Sunday from now until Halloween! Sometimes there’s a double whammy – a comp on both days of the weekend. I don’t mind really, not this early in the golfing season, but at the end of the summer when I can’t remember if my husband has a beard or not, it can get a tad tiresome.


But I have coping strategies…

Shopping – lovely long days in [expensive] shops.

Meeting up with friends for coffee [Prosecco].

Shopping – online when the weather is chilly.

Taking my old Dad out for a pie and a pint.

Lying on the sofa with my Kindle.

Relaxing in the hairdressers with a magazine and a coffee.

Shopping – for bags and shoes.

Dog walking (then dog bathing).

Shopping – for beauty products and perfume.

Lazing in the garden with a glass of something chilled (alone).

Chris has always played golf and every year I’m surprised by how much time he actually spends playing it! Just imagine when he retires! I’ll never see him!

But think of all the shopping I could do!

Does anyone else’s partner have a hobby that takes over? A train set in the dining room maybe? Or is he a Man United season ticket holder? How do YOU cope? I’d love more suggestions for my ‘golf widow’ list, so please let me know in the comments below.

Until the next time!



  1. 03/07/2018 / 10:21 pm

    I used to be a football widow – hubby both played it and watched as a season ticket holder. No more though as self employment got in the way of watching it and age got in the way of playing it. He loves his garden now but that’s not far from me so no longer a widow.

    • Helen
      04/07/2018 / 2:02 pm

      Ah, yes, the football! I actually quite enjoy the World Cup and allow the wall chart up in the living room, which I fill in! My dad was a keen gardener but I don’t follow in his footsteps. I do love a beautiful garden though. I more or less forced my husband to stop playing football before our wedding, in case he broke his leg before the ceremony! I don’t think he’s played since and golf is a lot less risky!

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