What I’m Loving This Week

Bet you feel sorry for me

when I say I’ve only two and a bit weeks left of my summer break. All these weeks off we school workers get! But you won’t find me complaining that I’m too bored, or that it’s too long. I’ve plenty to keep me occupied, thank you!

I started the big declutter this week

and I’m loving how I feel even though I’ve only tackled a little of the mountainous boxes in the garage. My mind is already feeling lighter and less fuddled and I can see a lovely space emerging in garage where I’ve managed to sort through a box of my poor old dad’s books. After my mum passed away nearly 4 years ago, my dad who is 93, couldn’t cope on his own and decided to move into a lovely residential home nearby. He had a LOT of stuff (he belongs to that ‘make do and mend’ generation who never throw things out in case they’ll be useful). I ended up with boxes of books (gardening, art and reference) and old records. He’s now realised that he’s not wanted them in the last 4 years so I can now sell or donate them. I’m NOT loving Ziffit, however. This book buying website is very confusing to use and I accidentally deleted all of the books I had ‘saved’ to my ‘trade’. When I input the ISBN numbers again Ziffit had changed it’s mind and didn’t want them anymore! Grrrrr!

I’m loving that Molly our JRT had a clean bill of health

at the V.E.T. this week. She’s a rescue dog and was only given a slight chance of survival when she was found. We’ve had her for almost 2 years and she is a lovely dog. Poor Molly is a dog of very little brain though, and she never remembers she hates the vet until we’re in the surgery! Then she clings to me like a frightened child making it very difficult for the vet to see her. It’s a wonder I didn’t get the parvo jab instead.

What I'm loving this week


I’m loving walking the dogs first thing in the morning

My youngest and I have been out with the dogs every morning in the school holidays. I love mornings (even if he doesn’t) and we’ve been meeting some lovely dog walkers at this time. It’s a super time to go and I also get to have big chats with my youngest teenager (yes, really. For a teenager he is quite chatty.)

What I'm loving this weekMika and Molly waiting for their morning walk

I’m also loving the cooler weather here in Wales

I know it’s been fabulous having all this sun (and we had 2 weeks in Ibiza) but enough now. These last few days have been brilliant drying days with warm-ish winds – showing my age now aren’t I?

What I'm loving this week

This isn’t Wales, but Wales is just as beautiful.

Talking of drying laundry, I’m sold on Comfort Intense (Fresh Sky)

I truly had never seen it until last week and thought it was a new product. Now I have discovered I’m very late to the party but I still think it’s amazing. I used it when I changed the beds this week and the sheets smell fantastic. I highly recommend it, it really is heaven scent – ha!

What I'm loving this week

Heaven Scent

I’m loving Eastenders at the moment

No, I lie – I love Eastenders all the time. I think it’s well acted, although some storylines are a bit far-fetched, as in all soaps. My favourite story line has to be Rainie and Max. The actress who plays Rainie has such an expressive face and she’s competing with the Slaters for the Eastenders comedy crown this week with the laxative episode. Loved it. The other TV I’m loving is The Middle on Comedy Central. It stopped suddenly months ago and only for my Sky+ I wouldn’t have realised it was back on. Having said that my Sky+ hasn’t recorded every episode but no matter – it’s still watchable.

I’m sorry to have finished catching up with Poldark

I finished watching it on iPlayer this week. Needless to say I love Poldark. Ahem!  I can just about remember it the first time round with Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees. I’ve started to read the first book by Winston Graham too, but find it a little hard to get into. Maybe it’s because I know what happens…

What I'm loving this week



  1. 18/08/2018 / 12:57 pm

    I’ve used Ziffit to sell books and made the same mistake having uploaded a dozen ISBNs. You can also sell via MusicMagpie although Ziffit seems to pay better. Sometimes MusicMagpie will take what Ziffit won’t & vice versa.

    Since beginning of June I’ve been walking daily to get my 10,000 in and as much as I love a bit of sun I too am glad the weather has cooled down. I can walk faster and it’s much more comfortable walking with a breeze gently blowing. No dog so it’s just me and my thoughts and DD2 for the past 2 weeks. And she doesn’t stop talking!!

    • Helen
      19/08/2018 / 4:29 pm

      Thanks for the advice about Music Magpie, I’ll certainly go and have a look at them. Glad you’re enjoying the walking! I love walking with the dogs – although it’s stressful actually getting out the door as they’re so excited! And having DS2 with me is great. He’s very funny. DS1 is hardly here now he’s passed his driving test so at least I get to chat with one son…

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