Stuff I’ve loved this week

This is my second ‘Stuff I’ve loved this week’ post and I have enjoyed putting it together and looking back on the week. I can’t believe how quickly the school holidays are going, can you? One more week left and we’ll all be back to it in the myfiftyplus household.

I felt like I achieved a lot last week

and was eager to continue in the same motivated manner. My garage, while still full, was looking a damn sight better for my efforts and I was in the right frame of mind to declutter another 1 or 2 boxes of Dad’s stuff.

Stuff I've Loved This Week

I was appreciating the cooler weather last week in Wales

but Monday was so warm and lovely here. Not bright and sunny, but just warm. It was good to strip the beds and get the sheets dry and back on the bed in the same day. I love it when that happens. (I know, little things…)

There’s no quick checkout in Aldi which

‘keeps costs down’ I suppose, but it would be handy and avoid all that “you can go before me,” “Are you sure?” scenario which I’m sure happens in every store. I do it practically every week, but never seem to have it ‘paid forward’ if I’m popping in for bread and milk. Anyway, although that’s a moan, I still love shopping there as with two hungry teenagers to feed, it really does work out cheaper. I find their range is very good quality and you can shop online for certain items too. I bought a sleeping bag online last year and it’s been great. See what you think here.

Mid-week my girlfriends and I went to see ‘Mamma Mia!: Here we go again’

I expect you’ve all seen it by now but the cinema was surprisingly full. The beginning wasn’t great and thought I was going to be disappointed in the whole film, but no! I would say it’s just as fun and entertaining as the first one. Also, why was Cher in it? She looked slightly awkward and bizarre, but I loved everyone else. The setting of Vis, a remote Croatian island was perfect and made me want to get on a plane there and sing Abba songs in a bar somewhere hot (it has been done before, ahem!)

If you’re still ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over whether to go and see it, stop it and go! It’s a feel-good film that lifts the spirits, and if you love Abba songs… well enough said. By the way, I didn’t recognise the song they sang in the church (that’s all I’m going to say) but ‘My love, my life’ was gorgeous and we all had a tear in our eye.

I can’t wrap up a ‘What I’ve loved’ post this week without mentioning GCSE results.

If the children in your family received their results this week, I hope they got what they wanted. My youngest (co-dog-walker and a bit bonkers) wasn’t especially motivated to revise for said GCSEs until the prospect of payment for grades was discussed. Money motivates him like nothing else I find, and he put a last heroic few weeks of cramming in and came out with very respectful grades. I was impressed and obviously very proud of him. By far the highlight of my week!

Did you have any exam results this week? Do you have any tips on how to get your kids to revise for exams? I’ve got another round of GCSEs and A levels to cope with next year so would love some insider information! My fellow blogger, Nicki Walsh runs Academic Skills Academy which I’m sure will have tons of advice for students and I can’t wait to check it out!

‘Til next time…

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Stuff I've Loved This Week


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