End of August Favourites

Well the summer holidays are all over for me and it’s back to school on Monday. I’ve loved this week for a few reasons but mainly because I got to spend time with my gang. Here is a roundup of my end of August favourites.

End of August Favourites


Abandonment All Around

My husband abandoned his wife and his children (teenagers with better social lives than me) last weekend to walk round a very sodden place with a stick in his hand. Read about what he’s up to here. Unfortunately for him, the ground was so wet he had to abandon his plans and come home early. This was great for us as we went out for tea at a local hostelry. I love going out for meals and I had already decided I was in the mood for a burger. Gorgeous it was, dripping with burger sauce and topped off with bacon and Monterey Jack cheese. I was definitely not ‘on-plan’ last weekend and glad I wore the leggings my children are so embarrassed to see me in. (My legs were under the table, right?)

The Gang

We had plans to meet up with ‘the gang’ on Monday as it was Bank Holiday. (Yes, seems ages ago now doesn’t it?) Now, this gang of mine is so important to me that I feel I ought to give them capitals as in ‘The Gang’. There are 8 of us, not including offspring who sometimes join us. In fact, my eldest was at Leeds Festival so missed what is now established as a ‘gang tradition’. We got together last August Bank Holiday Monday on a beach in Anglesey and as it was repeated this year; that constitutes as a tradition in my book.

Royal connections

For those of you who don’t know, Anglesey is an island off the north coast of Wales. Prince William served in the RAF here and in fact the beach we where we were is just a stones throw away from where the royals rented house is situated. Ooo err!

My End of August Favourites

Man in shorts flies a kite (see, it wasn’t that cold)


The sun wasn’t shining but it wasn’t freezing cold. We had a couple of wind-breaks and plenty of rugs and towels to sit on but as I knew I couldn’t possibly eat a cheese and pickle sandwich, drink from a can, and dip a Dorito while sitting on the ground, I took my deckchair. I can’t believe no-one else thought to bring one. Oh well, at least I was comfy and we had something to tie the dog to.

Looks more like Winter than August Bank Holiday

After a lovely chilled (not chilly) afternoon behind the wind-break, watching my youngest digging a big hole, we headed back to Menai Bridge for dinner. I can thoroughly recommend The Liverpool Arms should you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods. Quite a few of us had the fish and chips; one of the tastiest fish and chips I have ever had, and you don’t get to my age without eating a LOT of fish and chips.

It looks deceptive. You can get 15 people in there.

A Dog of Very Little Brain

The dog-walking is still on-going and I’m still loving it. My JRT is bonkers and makes me laugh out loud every day on our walks. Molly is not blessed with super-dog intelligence, in fact she’s not blessed with ANY intelligence. She will drop her ball somewhere to have a sniff at goodness knows what and then happily forget that she’s dropped it. She will appear beside you looking at the ball-launcher (is there such a word?) waiting for you to launch the ball she dropped half a mile down the field.

Poor Molly is obsessed with next door’s cat and spends most of the day with her nose glued to a knot-hole in the fence, sniffing. It sounds like she’s having an asthma attack.

A Bear of Very Little Brain

My youngest and I went to see Disney’s Christopher Robin at our local Odeon. It’s a PG but I think it may be a little hard to understand for little ones. It centres on CR as an adult and his relationship with his wife and daughter. It’s a lovely film; it looks charming and the animal characters are cleverly done. I like how they have similar voices to their cartoon counterparts. The film is mostly very gentle, has laugh out loud moments (Eeyore’s one-liners), and will have you fumbling for a hankie once or twice. I thought Bronte Carmichael, who played CR’s daughter was excellent. I loved it and if my BFF wants some company when she takes her two next week, I’d be quite happy to go again!

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