Highlights of the Week

A Pizza the Action

I’m starting my highlights of the week with a little recommendation. We LOVE pizza in the myfiftypluslife house and indulge our cravings every Saturday. (This is 5 whole days before my Slimming World weigh-in so I have time to compensate for all the additional syns!)

We used to order a takeaway but one day our lives changed forever. I was shopping in Tesco and noticed a new ‘Hot Food’ counter which included a build-your-own-pizza counter. They would even cook it for you if you wanted! At a price considerably less than our take out, we decided to give it a go.

Highlights of the Week

And we haven’t had a take out pizza since. These babies are to die for.

We order three 14″ deep pan pizzas with 2 toppings at most (you can have up to 4). We go for a mooch about Tesco for 10 minutes while they are assembled, wrapped and sealed ready to take home and cook. Ten minutes in the oven is all they need (I’m salivating at the thought) and at £3.70 each they are a very affordable highlight of the week.

Highlight of the Week

Back to School

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but schools in Wales went back this week. Back to work for me then. Is it a sign of ageing or the fact that I’ve been so switched off from school over the last 6 weeks, that I struggled to remember the kids names? I looked at some of their freshly scrubbed little faces and nothing sprang to mind. Of course by Friday, I was up to speed.

I loved being back at work as it was so lovely to see everyone. The school where I work is quite small and the staff all get on really well. I’ve been there 11 years and have made very good friends. It was a highlight to catch up with all of them and find out how they enjoyed their holidays. I’m going to miss this great bunch of people… What? Woah! Wait, Helen – miss??

Ok, I’ve decided to leave my TA job. It’s not a highlight of the week but I’ll go into this in my next post…

Anyway, back to more important things… TV!!

Highlights of the Week

‘Whispering’ Mick Carter & ‘Pyscho’ Stuart

You may not know, but I LOVE EastEnders. If I didn’t live in beautiful Wales, I’d want to live in Walford.

**SPOILERS**   Now, the Beeb loves a dramatic trailer and last week’s offering featuring an echoing gunshot sounding over the foreboding image of the Queen Vic shrouded in darkness, was enough to send me all a-quiver. Cue a cuppa and phone-on-silent at 8pm on Monday night. ‘Psycho’ Stuart was at it again and Mick had ‘ad enough. Off he went to see Stuart who had arranged a rather arty flatlay of menacing and potentially fatal weapons on a table, including a knuckle duster from the Peaky Blinders prop box and a policeman’s truncheon.

I watched from behind a cushion. It was tense stuff and Whispering came close to finishing Psycho off wiv an ‘ammer. But he didn’t. Towards the end of the episode Psycho was chatting to himself in the Vic toilets while the pubs occupants were all supposedly in bed, but of course not all of them were. Pyscho Stuart moves to the bar, rings the bell and as the camera pans the outside of the Vic a shot rings out! Duff duff duff duff duff… you get the picture. Who shot Stuart? Who knows? This is what EastEnders does brilliantly – remember who killed Lucy/shot Phil/is Michelle’s baby’s father? Glorious drama from EE all week and definitely a highlight.

The Body(ahem!)guard

A quick mention for The Bodyguard airing on Sunday nights. A fast-paced, good looking thriller starring Keeley Hawes. Anything with Keeley Hawes is always worth watching and the bodyguard is non-ugly, which is a bonus!

Long-distance, one-sided friendship

A lovely highlight of my week was to receive a second letter from my new penpal. “How old fashioned!” I hear you exclaim. Well, yes it is a bit. I’m a member of a Facebook group for women over 50 called (surprisingly) Women over 50 Network run by Patti Huck. She had the brilliant idea of pairing willing members up with each other as penpals.

My penpal lives in one of the western states of the USA and has sent me two newsy and chatty letters.

I am a crap penpal. I’ve sent her half a letter. Now I know that sounds impossible, but I’d been writing a letter to her in bursts. In my head I was about halfway through when a second letter arrived from her, so I just added a quick apology to the bottom of what I’d already written and posted it.

It’s exciting to receive a handwritten letter in these days of email and texting. Especially a letter from abroad. At my age it’s lovely to form a new friendship and learn about a new person’s life, family and interests. We may even meet up one day in the future. That’s if I ever get to send her a proper letter.

Until next time…

Highlights of the week

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