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My mother used to say that the world is for the young. I used to scoff, but now that I’m over 50 (53 to be exact), I understand what she meant.

My life has somewhat mirrored my mother’s – I married, had children and haven’t moved from the town of my birth. We both married men from the same village on the outskirts of town and we shared a wicked sense of humour. My mother passed away 3 years ago and I miss her everyday and the ‘in’ jokes we shared.

This fast-paced world is for the young, but why does it have to be?

Join me as I explore getting older:
How does the world treat me?
How do I feel?
Will I become a grumpy old woman? (Or, am I one already?)
Will I ever look like Twiggy, Lulu or Meryl Streep? (Probably not!)

There may be a few grumbles but I predict there will be a lot of laughs too as I get to grips with this ‘fiftysomething’ life.

I cannot wait – so let’s get started!


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