Countdown to Christmas: Clear the Clutter and Clean!

I sometimes think that my life revolves around 2 big occasions in the year. One is my annual holiday, and the other is Christmas. Once one is over I start to plan the other and so it goes on. Our holidays are well and truly over, so that means one thing. Let’s get started with the Countdown to Christmas: Clear the Clutter and Clean!

Clear the Clutter and Clean

It may seem a little early to be thinking of Christmas but here in the myfiftypluslife house tentative plans are already in place! I blooming love Christmas and every year strive to have the best one EVER! That doesn’t mean getting stressed about it, in fact, quite the opposite. When Christmas finally rolls around I can rest assured that everything is done, no last minute surprises will crop up and Cousin Hank in the USA will have his Christmas gift delivered in a timely fashion.

Why do I clean like a ninja?

We always have a break of about 10 days or so at Christmas. Chris is off from work for about that length of time and so as it’s so rare that we are all home together I make sure our time is filled with nothingness, shopping trips, meeting up with friends, visiting family, walking the dogs and so on. These days are not for DIY-ery, mammoth cleaning sessions or even washing the car.

As we have a complete break, I like to be prepared both with the food and drink, presents and decor side of Christmas and the clean, tidy and organised side too – long before the big day.

How long does this take me?

I start my countdown to Christmas about 10 weeks out and have a specific area/task to do each week. About 2 weeks before I do a final clean and shop. Cards and presents will be a distant memory by then believe me!

Why don’t you join me this year? We can do this!

If you would like to join me in decluttering, cleaning and organising in time for a stress free Christmas, sign up for my free weekly email. In it will be a checklist and hints and tips to keep you on track.

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Clear the Clutter and Clean

You can expect the first email in your inbox on Sunday 7 October. We start off leisurely with no huge jobs to complete that week.

Don’t forget to sign up! Together we can Clear the Clutter and Clean!

I’ll throw in a free Christmas Present List and Christmas Card List too. Just think – all your Christmas organising needs straight in your inbox. And for nothing!

I can’t wait to get started, can you?

Until next time…


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