What to clean when it’s too hot for housework


It’s just too hot for housework! It’s not often we get a long spell of very hot weather here in the UK; in fact there are certain years that are synonymous with the British heatwave. The two years I recall vividly are 1976 and 1983. Both were long, hot summers with enforced hosepipe bans and some people having to collect water in a bucket from a standpipe in the street. The longer these glorious days of sunshine continue, I’m wondering if drought might happen again this year! Of course, we’re not equipped for weather extremes in this country but we cope marginally better with heat than we do with snow. Most of us don’t have air conditioning in our homes and those of us lucky enough to have it in our cars are finding excuses to drive to Great Aunt Sheila’s in the Orkneys just to be cool for a few hours. So when it comes to housework – just the mere thought of it can send us into a hot sweat (even more than we’re suffering already that is).

So, what’s the bare minimum of cleaning we can get away with when it’s too hot for housework?


In the cooler hours of the morning get to grips with bathrooms with a quick wipe of the surfaces. Clean the shower and/or bath when you’re having one (if you’re anything like me it’ll be just before bed in hot weather) to save a separate job. Clean the toilets as normal and use floor wipes for, well, the floors! I use an anti-bac wipe just to go over toilet flushes and door handles as well. Open a window. Done!


A quick tidy and fold back the duvets to air. Open a window. Done!

Living Rooms

A quick tidy up, plump the cushions and open a window. Done!



A quick tidy up. Done!


Keep all visible surfaces clean and tidy as you go along. I either hoover or brush up the floor everyday – children still drop food on the floor when they’re teenagers, you know. Use a floor wipe over the end of a brush or use a sponge mop and vinegar and water spray to clean the floor. Empty the rubbish bin. Done!


I saw a Facebook post recently which says you must be getting old when you view hot weather as a chance to line dry your clothes! My husband showed it to me and said “that’s you!”

I’ll time a load to come on during the night so it’s ready to go on the line in the morning when I get up. I’ll time another load to be ready early afternoon when I get home from work. The first load is usually dry by then. One load is usually bedclothes from one of 3 beds in the house. I never attempt to change all the beds at once anyway. Too much work and not enough drying space! I’ll iron and put away in the evening. I don’t iron the bedclothes – they go straight back on the bed!



In hot weather, apart from the bathrooms and kitchen, I’ll only give my carpets and floors attention from a hoover once a fortnight – it’s too sweaty a job!


A Swiffer type duster makes light work of a dust around (without moving ornaments- it’s too hot!).  I get mine from Home Bargains and clean the removable head in the washing machine with all my cleaning cloths.

Top Tip

Get the family on board to keep their own rooms and ‘stuff’ tidy and you won’t have to do very much at all!

Throw in a hosepipe ban and you can kiss goodbye to washing the car too!

Enjoy the hot weather while it lasts!

Until the next time…




  1. 03/07/2018 / 10:30 pm

    I always clean the bathroom first thing in the morning when I shower so still good to do in this weather. Hoovering – totally agree, it’s just too hot. My upstairs is in need of a clean but I can’t bear the thought, it’ll have to wait a bit longer.
    I love line drying my clothes and have done for years. I try to dry most of the year if I’m feeling good – winter still dries clothes 80% so start outside and move inside for the last bit.

    • Helen
      04/07/2018 / 2:05 pm

      I still put mine out in the winter! I can remember in the days before we had a machine at home, my mother’s washing freezing on the line. It was so funny to see trousers standing up by themselves!

  2. 27/09/2018 / 7:56 pm

    It must be an age thing because I have an obsession with drying washing on the line and it is THE first thing I think of when I see a sunny dry day. Great useful hints and tips.

    • Helen
      28/09/2018 / 8:10 am

      Haha! I know! It is an age thing. Thanks Elaine!

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