I have to quit the job I love -why?

If you read my post earlier this month about going to night classes, you may also remember that I have done a few different jobs in my time. I currently work as a teaching assistant supporting…

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Highlights of the Week

A Pizza the Action I’m starting my highlights of the week with a little recommendation. We LOVE pizza in the myfiftypluslife house and indulge our cravings every Saturday. (This is 5 whole days before my…

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Night School: Thinking about Going?

September, for many, is the month for returning to school, college, university and night school. Education is not just for those who are in it full-time. Night classes, night school or part time education has…

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End of August Favourites

Well the summer holidays are all over for me and it’s back to school on Monday. I’ve loved this week for a few reasons but mainly because I got to spend time with my gang.…

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How To Be Successful at Slimming World

If you want to know my best advice to be successful at Slimming World, feel free to scroll down to the main event, but in true makeover style I first want to share my story…

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