23 and a half hours in Cardiff

I first visited Cardiff with my mother. We used to take mini- breaks together when I lived at home as my dad really didn’t like going away. It was back in the day when an…

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Countdown to Christmas: Clear the Clutter and Clean!

I sometimes think that my life revolves around 2 big occasions in the year. One is my annual holiday, and the other is Christmas. Once one is over I start to plan the other and…

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End of September Favourites

It was a funny old week in the myfiftypluslife household last week. For a start, I left my job after 11 years. It was surreal to say the least and I would never had left…

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5 Things I will stop worrying about when I leave my job

In my last post I shared why I have to quit the job I love. My last day is today! It’s going to be hard – I’m not going to lie – but there are…

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Slimming World: How I got motivated again!

I’m such a fan of Slimming World and joined in January 2018. I’m a target member too, but since I came back from a super swimsuit holiday and after I fitted beautifully into the dress…

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