I have to quit the job I love -why?

If you read my post earlier this month about going to night classes, you may also remember that I have done a few different jobs in my time. I currently work as a teaching assistant supporting…

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Tinnitus: The Reason Why I Will Never Experience Total Silence

What is tinnitus? Imagine an irritating sound, a whistle, a ringing or whining and then imagine listening to it 24/7. That’s tinnitus. Apparently about 10% of the world’s population suffer from it and tinnitus is…

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Can You Train Your Hearing Friends To Remember You’re Deaf?

When you have a hearing impairment and wear hearing aids, women especially, your disability is not always apparent to strangers. Like me, women tend to wear their hair longer to cover the blessed things up.…

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33 Responses I give instead of ‘Pardon?’

Imagine having to ask ‘Pardon?’ a million times a day. Imagine having to say everything twice. Being deaf can get a little boring and repetitive, for both myself and the person with whom I am…

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5 Things Not to Do Around Deaf People

  You may not know any deaf people, but the chances are you will at some point come into contact with someone who is either deaf or hard of hearing. Going deaf is a common…

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