Being Deaf

33 Responses I give instead of ‘Pardon?’

Imagine having to ask ‘Pardon?’ a million times a day. Imagine having to say everything twice. Being deaf can get a little boring and repetitive, for both myself and the person with whom I am talking, so I vary the ways I ask “Pardon?”. I usually miss what’s said the first time and nearly always

Being Deaf

5 Things Not to Do Around Deaf People

  You may not know any deaf people, but the chances are you will at some point come into contact with someone who is either deaf or hard of hearing. Going deaf is a common symptom of ageing, especially after 50; maybe the older members of your family are experiencing losing their hearing. I started

Mini breaks|Travel

“Where the girls are so pretty”

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Dublin nine times. There are many reasons why I keep returning to the ‘fair city’. Is it the city’s size? Dublin city centre is small and simple to navigate. This gives it a homely feel as you can quickly get your bearings. It’s very busy however, lots of traffic and

Ear Worm

Today’s Earworm

You can bet your life that one of the first songs I hear playing on the radio in the morning will be the one that’s going round in my head all day… and when I turn off the light to go to sleep. Earworms are so annoying, but I thought I’d make a note of


Am I Becoming Invisible?

My husband didn’t notice that I wasn’t in bed when he got up one morning. Chris gets up at 5.30am as he works away in Birmingham and starts at 8am. I’d been wrestling with a tickly cough all evening and inevitably, every time I tried to go to sleep a nagging tickle would make me


Hi! Welcome!

My mother used to say that the world is for the young. I used to scoff, but now that I’m over 50 (53 to be exact), I understand what she meant. My life has somewhat mirrored my mother’s – I married, had children and haven’t moved from the town of my birth. We both married